Guitar lessons in Dubai


180 AED


at your premises.


beginner, intermediate, advanced.


guitar, music stand, footrest, books are provided.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced guitarist, these private guitar lessons in Dubai will help you improve your performance skills. They will bring you to the next level. Do not miss the opportunity to get excellent classes from a professional guitar teacher with huge experience and proven results. These lessons in Dubai are recommended for everyone. Starting from the basics the teacher will help you reach the perfection. During my teaching carrier I have carefully selected the best training repertoire which corresponds to two very important aims of education:

  • simple and understandable teaching material;
  • gradual and smooth progress of performing skills.

My teaching methods are traditional and during the lessons I use the following principles:

  • move step by step – that means we focus on details. Everything should be done with a full and deep comprehension of all the nuances of performing pieces.
  • do not skip levels – we cannot jump over. My guitar classes are aimed at giving a solid foundation with a complete understanding of music you perform. Educational process is like a chain – everything is connected with each other.
  • one to one lessons – I teach only individually, one student per lesson. This way I can see your problems and pay all my attention to you, suggest a better solution and fix mistakes effectively. My strong belief is that only this way allows us to reach good results. Sometimes we can see offers for group guitar lessons when a teacher works with more than one student at the same time – I consider such classes unacceptable for effective learning. Of course we do not talk about ensembles or orchestra classes. But they have completely different purposes.

Mr. Evgeni
(flute, saxophone & guitar teacher, ABRSM and Trinity exam preparation)

I will not promise anything extraordinary like immediate results. Everything depends on the efforts you make. My role as a teacher is to lead you towards your dream. I will help you avoid common mistakes, save your time and reach personal goals within a short time.

There are a few levels and purposes of playing the guitar. You can choose any of them or book your free trial guitar lesson to see which one suits your needs better.

What you need to know...


Beginner Level

This choice is good for those who have never tried playing the guitar before or have very little experience.

After finishing this level you will know the basics of music theory, how to read notes, be able to play simple melodies within I-III position, arpeggios and strumming patterns with basic guitar chords.

Intermediate Level

Here we will improve and develop the previous level, bring it to the next step.

You will be able to play double voice melodies up to V position, be confident with all basic chords (C, G, Em, Am etc.), improve you arpeggios and strumming skills. We start developing your left hand so you can keep barre chords.

Here we will also practice some ensemble pieces. It will give you the opportunity to see what it’s like to be a guitarist in a band.

Advanced Level

This level is designed for those musicians who want to take their examination.

The preparation is based on the syllabus of one of the most famous and reputable international exam board such as Trinity College in London or ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music). You will have a full preparation for all aspects of the exam, such as pieces, scales, arpeggios, sight-reading and aural test.

More than 20 of my students have received their certificates since 2016. I have a comprehensive understanding of the exam structure and I am able to give you the right strategy which will inevitably lead to success.


I will give you a guitar on the first lesson. In such a way even if you do not have your own instrument, you can try it during a free trial guitar lesson in Dubai.
You will get useful recommendations how to purchase the appropriate guitar which suits your needs and purposes.
I will provide you with books and all the necessary equipment such as a foot stool or a music stand.

Age Requirements

for Kids

Optimal age for kids to begin playing the guitar is 7 – 8 years and older. This age is conditioned by the physiology of our hands.

for Adults

There are no restrictions for adults. The oldest person I have ever taught was a 77-year-old man! And he did it very well!!! So if you have any doubts about age, kick them out of your head.


All guitar lessons in Dubai are given by a professional teacher at your premises or any other location.

You can choose a convenient day and time. There is no need to waste your time any more. Traffic jams, tough schedule – forget about all these things.

You can do your business while your child has a lesson or you can take a lesson right in your office in Dubai after a working day.

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